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Oh, hey, is that a dinosaur necklace? Yes. Yes it is. It is, in fact a brontosaurus necklace. You can go everywhere with this sterling silver little guy around your neck and it’s an Etsy buy, so you can feel good about supporting small business. More importantly, you will have a brontosaurus necklace!



Seriously, though, if someone doesn’t get me this, I will cry. I’m just saying.


Etsy link


  • CrazyJane Coupon

    I totally know what you mean. Dinosaur jewelry rules! I totally talked my boss into buying dinosaur earrings from our wholesaler to sell in her eBay store.

    They were so unpopular I had to make my boyfriend buy a pair secretly so it looked like they sold. No one understands! (if you want to make a girl feel better, username is bakelitejohnny… you’ll find the listing under “DINOSAUR EARRINGS.” LoL)

    I’m so glad I’m not alone here.

  • Sara Neville

    THE BRONTOSAURUS DOESN’T EXIST! It’s an apatosaurus!!

  • Kaitlyn Shore

    PLEASE bring this to me.

  • Bea Brown

    Actually, I think it’s an apatosaurus! But, it’s very cute!

  • Chrissie Canino

    Yes, please! Mummy, if you’re reading this: I would like a brontosaurnecklace.

  • Barbara Gonzalez
  • Jen Aguilar

    this is dope!

  • Sony Smith

    I bought a silver triceratop necklace from etsy. It was billed as “Rufus the triceratop”. How could I resist.

  • Christie Farmer

    Oh My Gosh… I LOVE dinosaurs. I have to buy this for myself or I will cry. Nice!

  • Samantha Ritchie

    soo cute! i hope the have a parasaurolophus one!…theyre my favorite.

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