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I don’t know about you, but I’m not a fan of paperwork. Bills, forms, stuff that you have to deal with whether or not you have an office job. What I do like, however, is pretty things. And fun things. And things that are pretty fun. Like animal shaped office accessories.

I feel that pretty much says it all. They’re paper clips that look like little squirrels. Every time I use these I smile. Because, you guys: they’re paper clips that look like little squirrels.


I know, right?


You can get them at Modcloth

  • Kristin Eley


  • Kate Thompson

    This is amazing!

  • Beth Curry

    I’m going to need these.

  • Dave Skinner

    Nice! You can also turn a normal paper clip into a heart-shaped one with a single bend. Google DIY Heart Paper Clips

  • Wini Lo

    i need these. i adore squirrels!

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