Item of the Day

There are certain songs I can’t hear even a few notes of without being transported back to the exact time in my life when they were popular (‘Mouth’ by Merril Bainbridge is a particularly potent one).  In some cases, there are entire albums that have this magical time-travel effect. The Dawson’s Creek Soundtrack, Volume 1  is such an album. These songs defined my middle school experience. I listened to them on my Discman on the way to school, fell asleep to them every night and memorized their lyrics without even trying because they related, like, so completely to my life. Eventually, of course, I moved on but there has always been a special place in my heart for this soundtrack and if one of its songs shuffles onto my iPod, I’m incapable of skipping past it.

iTunes tragically does not sell the complete album, so rock out with Dawson here instead.

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