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Most of us are not strangers to the concept of tricking out our iPhones (or Blackberrys, or Droids) with cool plastic covers, shiny decals, stickers or the occasional Swarovski crystal. Luxe Addiction has taken this concept to a whole new level. They create custom-made cases for your smartphone-of-choice covered in a pick-your-own-candy variety of beads, feathers, crystals, mirrors, charms, childhood baubles, miniature stuffed animals and so on. If you can dream it, they can hot-glue it to your phone case. I think I’d be a little bit freaked if someone I had just met pulled out one of these sparkle bombs and started treating it like a normal phone, but after a minute or so, I’d beg them to tell me where they got it.

Here’s where they got it!

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  • Laura Mendez


  • Liliana Greenberg

    decoden cases are all the rage, dontcha know? if you don’t feel like shelling out the big bucks, you can make your own with a little help from google and some overseas shipping…
    this one from luxaddiction is my favorite-

  • Amy Wallace

    You know… normally I’m all over the item of the day, and I’m generally a positive person on here, but… really?

    • Nata Rubiano

      Same here!!

  • Toni Torres

    With the amount of times I drop my phone it would be the worst purchase every for me!

  • Vanessa-Ann Woods

    I had a HORRIBLE experience with this company. After I saw your post I ordered one for me and one for my mom. They charged my credit card right away but NEVER sent me a confirmation email. I called them and left four voicemails at their Sales, Shipping AND Customer Service department. Despite calling them during business hours, no one ever picked up and no one ever called me back. No one responded to my repeated emails requesting information either. I REALLY do NOT recommend this company at ALL. Their customer service is the worst I have ever experienced.

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