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Any child of the ’80s or ’90s will know that the designs above could only have been created using one amazing tool: The Magic Spin-Art Machine. Making a Spin-Art picture involves squeezing drops of paint onto a piece of paper attached to a wildly spinning mechanism. The movement of the machine creates the unique pattern but the artistry comes in deciding what colors to use, how much paint to apply and how fast to spin. While I haven’t played with a Spin-Art since elementary school, I have a feeling it would be a fun activity to introduce into the mix the next time I have a few girlfriends over.

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  • Alexandra

    I want to go back!!!!

  • Stephanie Hirsch

    i frickin loved making those at our school festivals! haha

  • Beth Curry

    I loved those! I always made one at school or at the fair.

  • Meredith Bagdazian

    Oh my gosh, there was a Spin Art store at the mall when I was younger, and I still remember the black shirt with neon pink, green and yellow spins I made…

  • Toni Torres

    We had a place by my house called “Pazazz” or something like that and you did that to T-Shirts. I thought it was freakin awesome but the store did not last long :(

    • Sarah Heyward

      Our t-shirt store was called Squiggles and all the cool kids (never me) had their birthday parties there!

  • Rachel Morgan Smith

    i wanted one of those so desperately when i was a kid! i never got one though :( a friend of mine had one and whenever we would have play dates that all i wanted to do!

  • Laura Nickel

    oh my goodness, how could I forget about Spin Art? Only the most amazing part of my childhood. thanks for this!

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