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While taking my daily stroll through Etsy, I came across this gem. I never thought I would ever need a decal for my laptop but after seeing this one, I realized I do! I’m excited to make my plain laptop a homage to one of my favorite Disney cartoons!

Image by VinylCity


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  1. Love it! Disney is the greatest thing in the world.

  2. I have this!! I love it!

  3. I have the silhouette of Gene Kelly on the lamp post from “Singin’ in the Rain” on my MacBook! I love it!

  4. this is beautiful!!!! and yes, Snow White is the best cartoon ever (not nly disney)!!!!! loved it!

  5. THANK YOU! I was looking for these last night and ahh <3

  6. If only I had a mac, I could eat a poison apple.

  7. I must get one! It’s like all of my nerdy childhood dreams come true.

  8. just bought one!

  9. This makes me want a mac! So cute!

  10. YOU SAID THE MAGIC WORDS: HELLO KITTY! I hope these decals are interchangeable, I want to buy like 7 at this point.

  11. Girl, I was totally going to do a decal for IotD, except I chose the Giving Tree one. Does this make us best friends? I THINK IT DOES.

    Becca Sands | 8/15/2011 01:08 pm
    • OF COURSE IT DOES! I was looking at the Giving Tree decal and the all the decals for Super Mario Bros., I want them ALL!

  12. Might I suggest the zombie hello kitty? The artist has an awesome sense of humor.

  13. I have a decal on my Mac. It’s Johnny Depp as Hunter S. Thompson from Fear and Loathing in LV. I love it so much! Not only is it adorable and gives your computer a little personality, but it’s easy to tell right away which computer is yours!

  14. I have this! Just got it from etsy. Love it. Got a superman one too!

  15. So cute!!!! ^_^

  16. ….apple sure IS synonymous with poison and trickery!

  17. Oh the irony!!!

  18. i had this decal on my MAC. it was one of my favorite buys from Etsy! Enjoy it!