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This would be an amazing gift. It’s creative, it’s unique, it’s nerdy and best of all: it’s chocolate! You get this box with a slab of chocolate and tools. You break the top layer of solid chocolate, and then, like a chocolicious paleontologist, you gently sweep away the cocoa powder (which you can make hot chocolate with later) to find a white chocolate dinosaur fossil underneath. Archaeology is fun, but chocolate archaeology is magic!



I stole photos from HERE

You can get yours HERE (it’s a Google-translated Japanese site, and the only place you can get it, so far as my intense research has found. And it was intense research, let me tell you!)


  • Denyse Ann

    Dude. I totally thought it was an ongoing joke in the archaeology department that people often confuse us for paleontologists. Damn.

  • Pauli Fw

    Great find. I tried to order it to give it as a gift to my dinosaur-loving cousin who has absolutely everything but, unfortunately, they won’t ship outside Japan. Hopefully, the exposure HelloGiggles is giving this product will reach companies that could be interested in importing it.

    • Tedi Smith

      I find it strange that the whole box is in English while it is only sold in Japan. Hah!
      I want to get this for some friends of mine that just got married! They love dinosaurs. They had dinorsaur deco at their wedding actually. It was brilliant!

  • Nata Rubiano


  • Yajaira Nuribeth Calderon

    All I read was chocolate, chocolate, chocolate, white chocolate, and chocolate. and then i drooled.

  • Marysol De Anda

    but I love this 100% I want desperately.

  • Marysol De Anda

    As an Anthropology major I have to point out that it’s actually Paleontology your talking about..

    • Julia Gazdag

      I said chocolicious paleontologist! But yes, fair enough. Paleontologists would dig it up as well, archeologists. I can’t focus properly with all this talk of chocolate.

  • Raquel Luciana Da Silva

    I want one of this !!!!!

  • Jen Aguilar


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