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It’s no secret that I am a candy fiend. In particular, gummies of all shapes and sizes. When I saw these giant, mysterious, gummy-bear-shaped objects, I wanted in, no matter what they were. When I found out they were night lights, I was totally obsessed. While some fancy-pants mommies might put these in a baby’s room, I think they’d look awesome in any house or apartment. What a delicious way to find way your way to the bathroom in the middle of the night!

Get your gummy on at Jellio.

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  • Tedi Smith

    Yikes! These seem kind of expensive, no?
    But they look fantastic!

  • Mariana Gonçalves

    I just need it.

  • Kiera Chenery

    WOW! Adorable but HIGHLY over priced

  • Kimberly Hawkins

    I have a serious vice for gummi’s! As a matter of fact, I want some right now. Mmmmm…

  • Caroline Duff

    I love the idea of these, but I disapprove of the expense. I want to actually be able to afford the item of the day.

  • Toni Torres

    That web site is amazing! Too bad everything is so overpriced Q_Q

  • Dina Dry
  • Carleen Guffey Abercrombie

    love a lot of items on the web site, but OMG! Those prices??????

  • Anonymous

    i watch iCarly with my 6yr old nephew and almost every single item on that site is on that show, always wounder where they got those gummy bear lights.

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