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These are Kumato Tomatoes, otherwise called Brown Tomatoes, otherwise called Get in My Belly Right Now Or Else I Won’t Feed My Puppy Tomatoes.  Just joshin’ about the last part but seriously, I would sacrifice my heart for these tomatoes. (Okay, that’s not serious either.)  What is serious about this fruit is that I feel really fancy when I eat just one of them and that’s a priceless thing.  These guys are so rich in flavor, it’s almost like tasting a really unique drip coffee or fine wine.  That’s a bad analogy but I swear, once you bite into one of these kumatoes, you’ll know what I’m sayin’ even if you’re so confused right now.

The outer shell is crisp, firm and green but looks brown because it seals a red inside.  Cut into it and you’re ready to make a masterful caprese salad.  Bite into it and eat the whole thing and you won’t be able to make anything but you will be so satisfied with its robust, sweet, earthy, fresh taste that you won’t need to eat an entire bag of dark chocolate M&Ms (not saying you shouldn’t but that’s my vice and that’s why I got some pudge in my tub).

Some people may say this is an heirloom tomato but no, it’s its own breed and it definitely stands alone.  Check out this fun kumato sorbet you can make, along with these other crazy recipes.  You know what I’m making for dinner, drinks, and dessert tonight.

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  • Colleen McPhee Pinto

    Wow, those are so pretty! Can you find them at any old grocery store? Or do I have to go somewhere special?
    Also, I’ve just discovered pretzel M&M’s they are my new vice (the spot formerly filled by dark chocolate M&M’s) you should try them!

    • Alessandra Rizzotti

      Trader Joe’s ! Yes to pretzel M&Ms! ACKKK they kill me!

  • Lindsey Willicombe

    Oh these are so yum! I just used some to make a batch of ratatouille. It was magnifique! *kisses fingers*

  • Benthe van Wanrooij

    I want to try it, but I don’t know where to find them :( They sure look good!

    • Alessandra Rizzotti

      Trader Joe’s! Whoops! I should have told you guys!

  • Joni Mimi Sopha

    ooooh, I LOVE tomatoes, definitely need to find some of these!

  • Kara Tumminello

    I planted some in my garden this year! They had plants at Walmart for mad cheap earlier in the season!

  • Aamina Malik

    Oh my gosh, I had never even heard of this kind of tomato before, but then I went downstairs and saw a handful of them in a bowl on the kitchen table! Turns out my mom recently started growing them in her garden. They ARE yummy. :)

  • Chelsea McMullan

    Not to brag or anything, but (some of) these are grown in my town! Tomato capital of Canada (better than the freshwater fish capital which is the next town over LOL).

  • Netai Benaim Shechter

    this go super well with mozzarella cheese and some Balsamico

  • Netai Benaim Shechter

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