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You are never too old to own Hello Kitty products. I have a Hello Kitty credit card, Zooey has a Hello Kitty sewing machine and Molly has Hello Kitty earphones. Best friends, much?

Now, what I don’t have is this cool little lighting setup for my desk. I also don’t have a desk, but that’s another thing. I say limit yourself to a few Hello Kitty products – don’t get crazy, ya know? This gets a total pass.

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  • Kari Nicole Jenkins

    I second that, as I am the proud owner of a Hello Kitty coin purse.

  • Amy Deschenes

    Where did you get the adorable glasses wearing stuffed cat in the background?! I need it!

  • Ashley Lynn Cook

    fantabulous! these are adorable, in the chic sassy cutest way 😉

  • Sami Main

    I was just at Old Navy today and they have a BUNCH of adorable Hello Kitty shirts. I ended up snagging a Madeline shirt, though. Too many to choose from!

    • Lauren Nespoli

      They have Madeline t-shirts at Old Navy?! I don’t usually wear graphic t’s, but I love Madeline!

      I don’t think I own anything Hello Kitty though! I don’t remember ever owning anything Hello Kitty really. But I seem to be in the minority! Maybe I should catch up on this trend.

  • Wini Lo

    yes!! hello kitty forever and ever.

  • Ash Faye

    Subtle HK is the best. I have a key topper thing & my dog has always had his food on a Hello Kitty placemat.

  • Melissa Aykroid

    Everything, from my purse, makeup bag, tweezers, and mirror… are all Hello Kitty.

  • Diana Kaste

    Aww, lovely. I have a Hello Kitty sandwich maker. It’s the most magical item in my kitchen.

  • Alicia Stillman

    Hello Kitty toaster! It puts kitties on the toast, it’s also a really good toaster.

  • Alannah Castor

    I have a Hello Kitty debit card! These lights are too cute. =)

  • Anonymous

    I have Hello Kitty right with me at all times.. she is tattooed on my arm. :)

  • Sarah Hollerman

    I second the question of where the adorable glasses-wearing cat is from!

  • Karen Belz

    I sported a Badtz Maru chain wallet in 8th grade, and still love him. I think Sanrio outcasted him since.

  • Raquel Luciana Da Silva

    i have Hello Kitty glasses ! love it !

  • Sarah Heyward

    hello kitty alarm clock, party of one. it’s hello kitty tea party themed.

  • Jen Weasley

    I found Hello Kitty’s face on a bottle of something alcoholic in the grocery store the other day. Soooo tempting just to be able to keep the bottle…. but then my older sister reminded me that I am crazy and would end up throwing it away anyway.

  • Sarah Newman

    My favourite Hello Kitty item is a wallet with…EARS! It probably makes me (30) look like a 10 year old, but who cares?

    I would love the credit card and sewing machine though (despite already owning a sewing machine).

  • Verónica Diéguez

    I’m in love with Hello Kitty!! I’ve got all of my school notebookes, my day planner, notebook wallpaper, hair bands… I just can’t have enough

  • Jenn Thomson

    I loves the Hello Kitty! My two FAVOURITE things I bought on ebay were a hot pink messenger bag with Hello Kitty playing a bass guitar AND a little cell phone charm of Hello Kitty playing acoustic guitar with a little butterfly on it.

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