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I never wore braces when I was a kid, and as a result, I thought they were the coolest things EVER. My best friend Hilary was the first in our grade to get them and incredibly, she voluntarily wore her night-gear to school as a badge of awesomeness. Even more incredible: we were all wildly jealous. I remember helping her pick what color rubber bands to get each time she had to visit her orthodontist (glow-in-the-dark were the ones I liked best, in case you were wondering).

Now I can have my own braces experience with these kick-ass bracelets. Yes, they are made out of actual braces and rubber bands (not used, of course). They come in a ton of wild colors and I love to mix and match them, wearing many or just one. The fifth-grader inside of me is feeling pretty good right now.

Get your own Bracedlets here!

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  • Hannah Sapnu


  • Beth Curry

    I was always strangely envious too… for some reason. Maybe I just liked the idea of colourful teeth accessories.

  • Mandy McDonald

    Braces and glasses. I’m still kinda jealous at age 25.

  • Kaitlynn DeMoney

    I have to say, looking at those things, and not seeing them across my pearly whites…It’s kind of weird.

  • Lauren Nespoli

    I’m not sure if I think that’s really awesome or kinda weird! I think I like them though!

  • Killian Walsh

    That is literally the coolest thing I have ever seen in my life. Well besides the shake weight.

  • Melissa K. Nodurft

    I don’t know…seeing the band chains in such high quantities make my teeth hurt and make me feel self-conscious. I’m now oddly scared of needing braces again. I’ll start looking for my old retainer when I get off work… :-/

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