Item Of The Day

Get your creativity on with this sweet tiny portable paint set. Paint a picture for your bestie or your mom!

Image via Winsor & Newton Cotman

  • Hannah Hemperly

    my creativity is onnn!

  • Marie Sanz

    My grandmother gave me those last christmas and I love them so much.

  • Suganya Sivaskantharajah

    Oh wow I completely forgot I had these! [you could try using them with watercolour postcards to kill two hellogiggles birds with one stone]

  • Carolina Vieira

    My mom gave me those for Christmas two years ago. I love painting with them.

  • Katie Zega

    ah! this is amazing!

  • Jane Howarth

    I love these sets! I have a tiny one and a 20 colour one, but I’d forgotten how cute the paints are in their wrappers!

  • Gera Louise Labaniego

    cool…good to know that i share the same hobbies with others :)

  • Kim Kibum

    ahh! i want one of those D:!!!

  • Katie Jones

    Or just paint a really neat picture of Zooey! Haha

    • Katie Jones

      Sorry! I forgot about the no posting links rule. Please remove!

  • Patricia Rodriguez

    Aaaah I need this!! 😀 I love watercolors<3

  • John Hancock

    dont leave home without it!!!

  • Sandra Garcia

    Great item! A friend bought me one of these a year ago and I loved it so much. It woke up a drawing and painting appetite which had been dead for years due to lack of time. Now I try to find time to paint and I love it, it’s just so relaxing. It’s great when friends now what you need :)

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