Item of the Day

According to Angelyne’s Wikipedia page, she is “an American model and occasional actress who ostensibly became an icon of Hollywood and Los Angeles, best known for purchasing billboards advertising herself.”  I really can’t think of a better description than “American model and occasional actress” to describe Angelyne.  As an LA native, I have distinct memories of driving down Sunset Boulevard as a little boy-looking up at Angelyne’s billboards and thinking, “Who is that STAR!?”

Remaining more “elusive” than Mariah Carey in Honey, Angelyne has cultivated an iconic mystique by creating a mysteriously ubiquitous LA presence while refusing to actually exist among us.  Anyone who lives in L.A. has probably seen Angelyne’s notorious Pink Corvette on one street or another without actually seeing Angelyne up close and personal.  Seeing Angelyne in person is like seeing the ghost of Elvis or Bigfoot, since she’s also a timeless, age-less (with the help of infinitesimal plastic surgeries) mythical, mysterious creature who only appears at the most random of times.

Last Sunday, Angelyne randomly appeared out of nowhere in the parking lot of a bar in Silverlake and she was actually outside of the protective confines of her Pink Corvette-selling t-shirts with her likeness on them.  Realizing the specialness of the distinctly LA moment, I slammed on my brakes, jumped out of my car, and bought myself an Angelyne tee.  At only $20.00/tee, it was an amazing deal for an iconic piece of fashion.

For another $10.00, Angelyne will take a picture with you.  Admittedly, Angelyne will waive the $10 picture fee if you flash her a dirty look and remind her that you just paid $20.00 for a t-shirt with her face on it.  If you see Angelyne driving around LA, be sure to pull over and pick yourself up an Angelyne Tee for posterity!