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Of all the presents I received for my 7th birthday, this is probably the only one I still have. There are a good couple months left of summer, so no time like the present to start whipping up delicious sno-cones for all your friends. You can use the fun flavors they give you or create your own with juices, sodas or the adult beverage of your choice. The Snoopy theme is adorably retro, and check out the little snowman that holds the flavoring. Best way to cool off and fun for all ages!

You can still buy a Snoopy Sno-Cone Maker here.

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  1. I still have mine! I have been trying recently to purge my closets full of useless crap, but I will not get rid of my Snoopy Sno Cone maker! I even still have the little shovel to scoop it out with!

  2. I was IN LOVE this thing!!! I remember just squeezing the syrup in my mouth… how disgusting now. but as a kid, it was great!

  3. Thanks for breaking that mostly-healed heartache wide-open again. After months of being good, desperate pleas, offers to do any unsavory chore imaginable and carpel tunnel from writing letters to Santa, alas the Snoop SnoCone Maker was never to be mine. All these years later, I’d managed to push the pain down into a hole and cover it up with sparkly heart stickers. Giggles my ass.

  4. i had one tooooo
    i always made my mom make them… she hated it. haha

  5. i had one!

  6. we had one of those! no idea where it is anymore…

  7. I had one of those. Then I saw them at Urban Outfitters not to long ago, should have kept mine so the kids today would think I was cool.

  8. It was a VERY special day when I got my Snoopy snow cone machine. I just to make orange juice snow cones!

  9. The UK didn’t have the Snoopy sno-cone until fairly recently, sadly. We had Mr.Frosty over here, who did the same thing My parents wouldn’t let me have one!

    • I was just trying to remember the name of the one I had… all I could remember was that it was a big snowman ^-^


  10. I had one of these when I was a kid! So cool to see that you can still buy them!

  11. Pretty sure I had one, and pretty sure I’d use the heck out of it right now.

  12. I still have one!

  13. i never had one of my own, but my cousin had one and i think it’s pretty safe to say i coveted hers…

  14. I always wanted one!! But my dad got confused when doing the xmas shopping and instead got me the Snoopy Popsicle maker…which was really good and super fun,but I never recovered from the sno-cone maker fiasco