Item Of The Day

Do you like robots? Do you like to tell time? Well, then this is perfect and totally off the wall. If someone got me this for my birthday I would think they were really sweet, but if someone got me this for an anniversary, I would just be thankful to even have an anniversary, ya know?

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  • Maria Jose Rojas

    does it come in pink??? Loved the anniversary comment, it’s what I always think to myself when one of my stupid friends complains about their anniversary gift

  • Steph Barnard

    I have this. One of the arms broke off after a month. Sorry so Debbie Downer, but cute things like this deserve to be of higher quality, yo!

  • Dayna Conte

    A robot with an analog clock? I wonder if the digital clock robots tease him.

  • Cindy Chan

    I own this! I got it as a bridesmaid gift last year and we all wore it down the aisle!

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