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A dancing cat speaker system? Sign me up. Someday we may look back and wonder, “Remember when we didn’t have HI-FI speaker robots?”  But until the days when robotics catch up with science fiction, at least we can have a dancing cat that plays music to entertain us.

Image via Urban Outfitters

  • Jen Aguilar

    this is epic, just sayin’

  • Lynette Boyle

    this is the most ridiculously awesome thing ever…

  • Mhairi McCrindle

    Yeah, that would just creep me out. Bagpuss it is not. Love the idea of it though.

  • Maria Jose Rojas

    would be SO awesome if it came in a dog version too!! Though from what I’ve heard,cats are excellent dancers

  • Laura E

    that is awesome and super cute !!

  • Abby Orwig

    i want one!

  • Bambi Troxell

    Oh my goodness! That cat makes me very happy!!

  • Melissa Bollero

    thanks for showing this! Just bought it

  • Lauren M. Blanchard

    Cats do have killer moves. I know this better than anyone because I just saw Garfield: The Tale of Two Kitties today.

  • Ashley Miller


  • Rachael Graham

    lol my boyfriend’s mom bought him the golden retriever version of this speaker robot for his b-day last year. So hilarious and creepy. And now whenever he begs me for a dog I tell him he HAS one and we don’t even have to feed it or scoop up his poop!

  • Susan Fragiacomo

    i was given one of these as a birthday/christmas gift (my birthday is two days after christmas) and i love it.

  • Sofia Sims

    I don’t care what anybody says, I need this item in my life.

  • Tracey Johnson

    Got to get this thing. Crazy cat lady? Right here. Also, just gotta say, THANK YOU Zooey! I listened to your albums all throughout my pregnancy. Well, my baby has been crying and fussing for an hour, so I put on She & Him Volume 2 and she went right to sleep lol! “If you Cant Sleep” is her favorite :)

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