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A dancing cat speaker system? Sign me up. Someday we may look back and wonder, “Remember when we didn’t have HI-FI speaker robots?”  But until the days when robotics catch up with science fiction, at least we can have a dancing cat that plays music to entertain us.

Image via Urban Outfitters


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  1. Got to get this thing. Crazy cat lady? Right here. Also, just gotta say, THANK YOU Zooey! I listened to your albums all throughout my pregnancy. Well, my baby has been crying and fussing for an hour, so I put on She & Him Volume 2 and she went right to sleep lol! “If you Cant Sleep” is her favorite :)

  2. I don’t care what anybody says, I need this item in my life.

  3. i was given one of these as a birthday/christmas gift (my birthday is two days after christmas) and i love it.

  4. lol my boyfriend’s mom bought him the golden retriever version of this speaker robot for his b-day last year. So hilarious and creepy. And now whenever he begs me for a dog I tell him he HAS one and we don’t even have to feed it or scoop up his poop!

  5. meow.

  6. Cats do have killer moves. I know this better than anyone because I just saw Garfield: The Tale of Two Kitties today.

  7. thanks for showing this! Just bought it

  8. Oh my goodness! That cat makes me very happy!!

  9. i want one!

  10. that is awesome and super cute !!

  11. would be SO awesome if it came in a dog version too!! Though from what I’ve heard,cats are excellent dancers

  12. Yeah, that would just creep me out. Bagpuss it is not. Love the idea of it though.

  13. this is the most ridiculously awesome thing ever…

  14. this is epic, just sayin’

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