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I am going to confess something: I’ve newly become that girl that’s obsessed with weddings. Not with getting married but other people’s weddings. I used to think it was silly, but now the attention to detail at someone’s wedding really tells me a lot.

These plates really did it for me. This is clearly a gift you buy for someone and not yourself. This is also clearly a gift that I am going to send to all my “just married” friends and then go over to their house and make sure they use this. Can you think of anything more couple-y? This actually made me emotional. Try to not hold back tears.

People who are just married are JUST about to start a new life of promises, and why not do that why eating cake on these cute plates?

Image Via BHLDN


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  1. so.. that looks like turkish delight! on the top plate. YEAH?

  2. Ugh! I’m so that girl.. I find myself saying things like, “that’s so a trend with weddings right now!” and lying about where I saw cute things that I want..”um I was on this blog (totally a wedding blog) and I saw this really cute thing…” I love how you put it- I’m not obsessed with getting married, just wedding details!

  3. I totally couldn’t agree with you more :)

  4. Yeah yeah, cute plates…..Is that Turkish Delight? Yum!

  5. These are adorable!! Must order them via Internet and give to newlywed fronds!Lucky for me,I don’t have many of those

  6. omg, I was so that girl last year…I finally had to draw the line on daydreaming so much! ps. love me some BHLDN…so addicting.