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When sitting down to write this Item of the Day, I literally sat here staring at the grilled cheese (?) in the above photo for roughly five minutes and wondering what needs to be said about why a sandwich maker shouldn’t just be highlighted today but pretty much every day. Slightly nostalgic (how many of you remember eating these little pockets while growing up?) and yet undeniably useful, Cuisinart hits all the right notes with this little thing.

I’m obsessed with my George Foreman grill and consider this sandwich grill to be just a variation on the theme. The sandwich is a great dietary staple as the combinations you can make are pretty much endless but generally always delicious.

At $20, this model is no-frills but will certainly do the trick of making a quick snack and/or meal, which is especially helpful in this hellish summer heat we’ve been having. In addition, it apparently makes french toast and omelettes if you’re on your breakfast grind. Pretty great.

Grab yours over at Amazon.

  • Anne Cheek

    i need this in my life.

  • Jaime Hughes

    I love sandwiches.

  • Erin Freemantle-Couture

    it’s also great to make spaghetti sandwiches. Instead on cheese in the center, pour some leftover spaghetti or those cans of spaghetti. Delicious!!

  • Erin Richardson Smith

    My mom used to make me pizza sandwiches in one of those when I was a kid. She put mozzarella, pepperoni, black olives, and marinara in them. I haven’t thought about them for, like, over 15 years but I would pay good money to have one right now. I need to find a sandwich maker now.

  • Karen Reyes

    This and a good waffle maker and you’re set for life! :) I want one now…

  • Laura Brown

    I have a regular sandwich maker and a hello kitty one. The hello kitty one makes better sanwiches even if it wasn’t adorable-but it is! I like to put tofurkey slices and daiya cheese and tomatoes and it makes the warm little pocket of amazing.

  • Carolina Sabate

    I used to have one of these, I’d come home from school everyday, pop some bread, cheese and ham in there and I’d be set for lunch with a glob of mustard on the side. <3 I miss it now.

  • Leandro Koiti Oguro

    I’d rather use one of the those stovetop sandwich makers (, they taste better than their electric counterpart when you cook under low heat, the only problem is that it’s not as practical as the electric one but the taste is worth it imo =P
    still an amazing product to own =D

  • Tyler Vendetti

    I have this. One of the best investments I’ve made.

  • Katie Schultz

    I have a sandwich grill (I think it might be the same one, actually) and I totally forgot about it, but it’s amazing! Thanks for reminding me of it. I know what I’m having for lunch tomorrow! :)

  • Scott Taylor

    As a kid camping with the family, we would make grilled sandwiches like this makes in a cast iron cooker on the campfire. This would be a great nostalgic experience for me in the home.

  • Kaitlyn Dyer

    I should have never clicked on this. It’s 11 pm and now I’m starving!

  • Taylor Wendt

    We use to have one of these. It makes the best tuna melts! Mmm… I’m hungry now. Thanks!

  • Nancy Simone Scott

    The British term for this is a “toastie maker.” Cheese toasties, yummers.

    • Jennifer Still

      Cheese and bean toasties = even better! 😉

  • Adrian Biggles Fax

    Love my sandwich grill. A bit of ham or chicken and swiss cheese on wholegrain….heavenly.

  • Sarah Beth Pennington

    I own this exact sandwich grill and I love it. So good. Pizza sandwiches, French toast, and great grill cheeses.

  • Annie Rodriguez

    Peanut Butter and Honey in this is…Like Whoa!

  • Mollie Mraz

    omggggg….so about a month ago, I was trying to remember the novelty name that this type of thing was being sold under in the 90s….anyone remember??

  • Caroline Harper

    true story: several christmases ago, my dad bought one of these each for me and my mom. i was all “WTF i don’t really do sandwiches” and it promptly went under my bed. cut to last winter…i really wanted a grilled cheese but in the past, i hadn’t had the best luck making them on the stove top. i remembered this baby, whipped it out and OMG: BEST. GRILLED CHEESE. EVER! it is a staple in my kitchen.

  • Alexandra Shytsman

    OH GOD! I LOVE THIS THING! I’ve had one in my house for about a year now and it has been consistently used, at least bi-weekly, the entire time, which simply cannot be said for any other gadgets at da crib. Owning this item should be mandatory.

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