Item of the Day

When sitting down to write this Item of the Day, I literally sat here staring at the grilled cheese (?) in the above photo for roughly five minutes and wondering what needs to be said about why a sandwich maker shouldn’t just be highlighted today but pretty much every day. Slightly nostalgic (how many of you remember eating these little pockets while growing up?) and yet undeniably useful, Cuisinart hits all the right notes with this little thing.

I’m obsessed with my George Foreman grill and consider this sandwich grill to be just a variation on the theme. The sandwich is a great dietary staple as the combinations you can make are pretty much endless but generally always delicious.

At $20, this model is no-frills but will certainly do the trick of making a quick snack and/or meal, which is especially helpful in this hellish summer heat we’ve been having. In addition, it apparently makes french toast and omelettes if you’re on your breakfast grind. Pretty great.

Grab yours over at Amazon.

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