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One of the best things about eating at restaurants as a kid was getting to go to a place that had those paper placemats that you could colour on with little 4-packs of crayons to aid you in becoming a child art prodigy. Of course, just because we get older doesn’t mean that our desire to doodle goes away – just ask the notebook next to my desk that is covered in my mindless drawings of flowers and cats(or something closely resembling one) done during phone conferences.

Covering your dining room table in paper may not scream sophistication, so luckily some genius out there was one step ahead of the game in creating the Doodle Tablecloth: 100% pre-shrunk cotton that you can cover to your heart’s content using the 8 included fabric markers. Want a clean canvas? Throw it in the washing machine’s hot cycle and you’ll be back to square one. Not to mention that when it’s clean, you can totally pass it off as a modern, minimalistic houseware. Amazing, right?

It’s also, uh, great for kids…

Grab your Doodle Tablecloth over at ThinkGeek! (Where else?)


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  1. Love it!
    Also check out IdeaPaint – it turns any surface into a dry-erase board!
    It can be used on just about everything! :)

  2. totally my fave thing to do a restaurants and I think I am into with that website <3

  3. Amahhhhhzing!

  4. That is one great invention for doodlers!!! Love it!!!

  5. I need this now.

    Think Geek is an amazing place to find random doodads and gadgets.

  6. Omg! this is the best invention EVER! do the pencils come with it?
    This is a treasure – thank you! :D

  7. This is way awesome. I need one. Now.

  8. My life has been made. Thank you.

    Anonymous | 7/21/2011 12:07 pm
  9. holy cow

  10. Need. Point blank period.