Item of the Day: Dear Photograph

I’m that girl you see on public transit staring off into space, envisioning some long lost memory. I pretty much swim in nostalgia.  I can’t believe I haven’t  fallen down a manhole yet while day dreaming about some person or place from my past.

Now through Dear Photograph instead of spending hours clicking through Facebook photos reliving my glory days I can now live vicariously through other people’s memories in book form.

Dear Photograph is based on a pretty simple idea. Hold up a photo from the past infront of the place where it was originally shot, then take a picture of a picture, adding a dedication about what the photograph means to you.

Some how I think this picture of a picture thing is really a primitive form of time travel because when I see these photos I feel as if I’m experiencing memories from the photographer’s past and similar memories of mine own. (Smart, science ladies look into this please, so we can make time travel an everyday reality. Thanks!) Oh yea, it’s that good. The founder of PostSecret even said so!

You can get your own copy of Dear Photograph here. Trust me your coffee table will thank you. And if you come home and your coffee table is crying, don’t call it a baby. This book is a treasure chest of emotion! Either that or it saw the photo on page 38 taken infront a beautiful oak that was probably its sister, but is now your matching end table.

Images via Dear Photograph, William Morrow 2012.

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