Item of the Day: Taterpots

In my ideal world, my inanimate possessions would befriend me like in Beast’s castle. My flat iron would tell me if I missed any spots. My closet would suggest outfits. When I try cooking something for the first time, my pots and pans would tell me, “You can do it, tiger!”

In my many moons upon this earth, these things have yet to come to pass. But with Taterpots, I feel like I am at least one step closer.

Taterpots, produced by Eggling, are adorable potato-shaped pots that come with the materials for you to grow your own herbs at home. I know a lot of you share my love for cooking as well as fresh, natural ingredients. So the herbs are, in themselves, already kind of handy. But seriously, how cute is that pot! Don’t you just want to pinch its cheeks? Wink back at it? At least return its friendly smile? I can’t possibly be the only one.

Taterpots come in two different forms, aptly named “Slim” (pictured above) and “Shorty” (pictured below). Even their names are cute. Each form has three different herb varieties: mint, basil and oregano. The pots come with a peat puck, seeds and instructions. You’ll have fresh herbs in 4-8 weeks that can easily be transplanted into a larger pot. Even if you don’t have a green thumb and end up with nothing but dried peat puck, you could always do what I did – pretend the whole thing never happened, wash out the pots and use them as handy catch-all dishes.

The Eggling website has a list of online retailers worldwide that sell Taterpots. So collect all six to create an indoor herb garden that has as much personality as you do!

Now if only they could talk…

Images from Eggling

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