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Have you ever had something you just can’t live without?  For me, it’s my SpiritHood.  Not only does it make me super happy while wearing it, but it elicits a positive response from everyone I encounter.  It has fuzzy ears and long pockets, it doubles as a shawl and I can fit my lipstick in it’s super secret zipper pocket.  I currently have the Grey Wolf and the Grizzly Bear, but I’m dying for the new Koala!

SpiritHoods is the manufacturier of a unique line of handmade, animal inspired, faux fur accessories.  Their focus is to create a bond with our wild natures, whether you love fashion, adventure, animals, music, festivals, nightlife, the outdoors or are simply wild at heart.  They have a REALLY ADORABLE kid’s line, plus matching sets for “Mom & Me“.  Also, when you purchase a SpiritHood with the PRO BLUE logo, they donate 10% of net profits to a non-profit organization dedicated to helping that particular Spirit animal.

I got a chance to talk to SpiritHoods Co-Founder, Alexander Mendeluk, about what we can expect from SpiritHoods in the future:

“Wow that’s a loaded question.  A lot!  But this fall is definitely going to be a whole new SpiritHoods.  We have really taken the time and creative energy to further define our products and even branch out a bit. You will see your classic SpiritHoods line revamped, along with built in headphone technology – so you can take you calls, play your games or listen to music all in your hood. You will also see new styles outside of your traditional Spirithoods, we are all very excited.”

We’re excited too!  For our readers, you get a 15% discount at checkout if you purchase a SpiritHood online when entering this code:  8BITY

So, what SpiritHood are YOU ?!

Look for my complete interview with Co-Founder Alexander Mendeluk this friday on my regular column Level Up!

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