Item Of The Day: Pony Stationary

I am terrible at interior decorating.  I have exactly one piece of furniture that was not a hand-me-down, and I’m not talking about cool, vintage, hand-me-down furniture, I’m talking about awkward hodge-podge furniture that barely fits in my apartment.  I am even worse at accessorizing said apartment.  While everyone else seems to cover their walls and shelves with cool art and interesting photos, I have exactly three things on my walls – two prints I bought at an art fair years ago and one painting that an extremely kind friend made for me when she realized the horrifyingly blank state of my walls.  I have an extremely difficult time finding stuff I like and also wish to display in my home, so you should not take the following recommendation lightly.

On my recent trip to Portland, I stumbled upon a store that had this amazing print. Who doesn’t want to be a magical unicorn pony?  I’m personally a big fan of the 8×10 print, but if you’re not into putting it up on your walls, you can get this printed on notecards and let all of your friends know you think they’re magical.

  • Andrea De La Rosa


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