Item of the Day: ‘Book Lust' by Nancy Pearl

If you’ve ever wished you had a librarian angel on your shoulder to guide your reading choices (and who hasn’t?), allow me to introduce you to Nancy Pearl. For those occasions when you don’t know what to choose next, her book Book Lust can be a lifesaver. With lists like “Great Dogs in Fiction,” “Elvis on My Mind,” “Three-Hanky Reads” and “Girls Growing Up,” Nancy has a suggestion for any mood you might be in. The book isn’t just dry lists, though; Nancy Pearl is basically a rock star librarian (she even has her own action figure!), and her friendly, funny style jumps off the page and makes Book Lust fun to read.

If you’re as big a book nerd as I am, you’ll want to check out More Book Lust, too. If you’re into young adult books, try Book Crush, and if you’re into travel, there’s Book Lust To Go. No matter what you need, Nancy Pearl will be there for you. Kind of like the Friends theme, but with lists of books instead of David Schwimmer.

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