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The only thing I love more than a good celebrity memoir is a celebrity memoir audiobook. I buy them on iTunes or sometimes on CD so I can listen to them in the car or have a hard copy for the rest of my life (Barbara Walters’ Audition is something you want to hold on to) and I fall asleep to them almost every night. Creepy? Sure. I’ve listened to dozens of them (most recently Tina Fey’s Bossypants), but my favorite would have to be Tori Spelling’s sTORI Telling.

I recently had my heart broken when a friend drove home for me that basically none of these memoirs are actually written by the celebrities (I am very naive about such things), but regardless, every single second of sTORI Telling felt incredibly real to me. From the tales of her childhood at the Spelling Mansion to her explanation of how she wound up hooking up with and later marrying her husband Dean, who was totally married when they met, it’s truly riveting stuff.

Plus, when Tori reads each line with the slightly disappointed or overly excited tone that she recited all of her lines on 90210 with, you really get the sense that this woman has experienced zero personal growth over the last twenty years, which is sad but fascinating. That’s really not supposed to be as mean as it reads, I promise.

Y’all got any celebrity memoir audiobooks to recommend to me?

  • Jen Aguilar

    “you really get the sense that this woman has experienced zero personal growth over the last twenty years, which is sad but fascinating.”
    you are brilliant

  • Anne Cuddy

    Pattie Boyd’s book Wonderful Tonight. Married to George Harrison and Eric Clapton– it’s so interesting to see the Beatles through the eyes of a teen girl as this whirlwind romance is happening to her. They were all just kids making crazy mistakes and weird choices. I hope you read it!

  • NĂȘne Pires

    Haha! I like you! Her books sounds awesome! You gotta love celebrity memoirs audio-books!

  • Kim Arenas

    i heard goldie hawn’s autobiography is really good! i also enjoyed helmut newton’s.

  • Kara Holzwarth

    Portia DeRossis book, Unberable Lightness is really good. On the same par as sTori Telling I would say.

  • Emily Lewis

    Rob Lowe’s, Stories I Only Tell My Friends, is legitimately fascinating. The man is the Forrest Gump of Hollywood. Plus, I heard he didn’t have a ghostwriter!

  • Lauren Nespoli

    I liked that book too! Also, she has Mommywood and Uncharted TerriTORI that were good too, lol. (I love celebrity memoirs!) One of my favorite celebrity memoirs was Maureen McCormick’s “Here’s the Story” because I loved The Brady Bunch when I was younger, so hearing what really went on behind the scenes and in her life was pretty shocking!

  • Michelle Leigh

    Be My Baby: How I Survived Mascara, Miniskirts, and Madness, or My Life as a Fabulous Ronette

    It’s a rollercoaster of awesomeness and drunk driving with mannequins.

  • Colleen Collins Greene

    Decision Points by George Bush and Going Rogue by Sarah Palin both really bring you into their crazy little world. Both of these … famous people have such quirky voices and accents and enthusiasm behind the … famous things they do. I’m trying to be really nice in describing them, but I assure you your heart will warm to both by listening to their TexAlaskan adventures.

  • Jessi Allard

    unSweetined by Jodie Sweetin is a real treat! The Full House memories are a blast, and the amount of drugs this girl did all at the same time is out of control. I’m not sure this is available on audiobook, but perhaps a petition to Jodie could get the ball rolling.

    p.s. Donna Martin 4eva

  • Matthew Meriwether

    The Bedwetter by Sarah Silverman. Obviously funny. And (this is completely true) I cried while reading it during my study hall in school. But I sort of cry a lot at things normal humans wouldn’t. It’s so good, in fact, that I did my english autobiography research paper on it.

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