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My main objective when applying nail polish is to make my fingers look like they were dipped in a big bowl of melting candy. This incredible new polish does exactly that but better – it actually looks like my nails are covered in sprinkles. Seriously, try to stop dogs, children and girly girls from taking a big bite of your fingers when you’re wearing this stuff. It looks so delicious and very pretty, too.

Available at Sephora.

  • Susan Jordan

    I’ve DIY’d this look for $1.50 using No Hole Microglass Beads from eBay! Cheap as chips and accessible for all. CherrySue x

    • Abigail Chance

      do you just use regular polish for the base? the sephora one says their base coat is “sticky”.

  • Kelsey Taylor

    I actually DID dip my nails in sprinkles after applying some nail polish. It looked cute, and lasted a few hours. But it was the WORST IDEA EVER because I could NOT get the pink color off of my nails!! I think it actually stained my fingernails! I had to get the color off using a nail file and grinding my nails down a bit. Yuck.

    This is a much. MUCH better idea! Thanks!!

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