Item Of The Day: Bread and Badger Glasses

I have a serious problem when it comes to glasses, in that I am constantly breaking them.  I don’t know what is so challenging to me about keeping a glass in my hand, but the skill constantly eludes me.

As such, I am in frequent need of new glassware, and right now, I am coveting these awesome triceratops glasses from Bread and Badger (even the brand name is fun!).  Do you remember the glass etching projects you used to do back in Girl Scouts where the stencil wouldn’t be pressed down well enough, or the etching cream didn’t quite work, and things just came out looking not at all how you planned?  Well, these glasses are how those glasses should have looked, except cuter, because I was not particularly skillful or creative at age six.

I also am hoping that the round, ergonomic shape of these glasses will help them to stay in my hand and not in pieces on my floor.