Item Of The Day: J. Crew Ballet Flats

I love J. Crew Ballet Flats.  They’re gorgeous.  I have spent months drooling over their smooth, supple exterior.  Their wide spectrum of colors tantalizes me.  I want them to be mine.

Unfortunately, these shoes seem less interested in being mine.  They’re so freaking expensive!  It is insane that anyone can charge $125 for a basic ballet flat.  I can buy those at Target for $12.  I did buy these ballet flats from H&M for $12 this weekend.  Yes, I know the cheaper ones weren’t handcrafted by Italian monks, or whatever, but it is still unreasonable.  It is downright cruel and unfair for someone to make shoes I want to own in all the colors when doing so would cost me $1,250.  That is a mortgage payment.  That is not shoe money.  Also, everyone knows it is senseless to spend a lot of money on ballet flats because they inevitably get dirty and ruined.

But even if our relationship was destined to be short lived, I was willing to wait for these shoes.  I was ready to hold out til they were willing to come down to my level.  So I stalked the sale site.  Every time an e-mail entered my inbox informing me that new items had been added to final sale, I clicked.  I searched desperately for them.  But it’s like that Cake song, and they were never, ever, ever there.

So I thought maybe it could be like that Adele song, and I’d find someone like them.  I checked out the J. Crew Factory flats.  The colors weren’t quite as vibrant, but the price was right.  The size, however, was not.  The pricier ballet flats go all the way to a size 12, but the discounted version, only to a 10.  I’m an 11.  Maybe we’re just not a good fit.

So I guess I’m throwing in the towel for now.  Until they can see reason and fit my needs, it’s just not going to work out between me and these shoes.  But if you’ve got a lot of money lying around or a birthday coming up, you can buy the shoes I covet here.

Image via J. Crew

  • JamiandJamal Abu-Saleh

    Couldn’t have said it better myself. I feel the same way :)

  • Erica Mendez

    Girl, check eBay! Lots of people sell gently used or new without box pairs. That’s how I get mine for some really good prices. 😉

  • Look TV

    ASOS has cute colors, too!

  • Jamie Hager

    If you have one near you, the J.Crew Factory store ALWAYS carries the ballet flats for about $60 (and the store always has some kind of sale going on).
    I’m also obsessed, they’re the only flats that withstand walking around nyc.

    • Emily Chionchio

      Just FYI, always read the interior tag because they almost got me to spend $60 on flats that had a 100% synthetic upper unlike the real leather ones. Sneaky outlet trick!

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