Item of the Day: Skin Food Cold Cream

I love all things related to Mad Men. I know some of you do, too. I love the dresses, the print advertising, the shameless womanizing (totally kidding) and even… the skincare?

That’s right. Back in the day women cleansed their face at night with a water and oil emulsion called cold cream. You rubbed it on your face, wiped off with a warm washcloth and it removed dirt and makeup while leaving a little residue of moisturizer to nourish your skin while you slept. It’s very much like the cleansing oils that are all the rage these days. If you are prone to dry skin like me, you know that staying moisturized is essential to preventing irritation and even breakouts.

The practice fell out of favor over time due to a wide variety of products on the market. Moreover, because of the vegetable oil used to make the emulsions, cold cream often had an unpleasant smell. I can attest to this personally. I’ve used my mother’s cold cream a number of times.

However, Korean skincare company Skin Food produces a version of cold cream that’s suited for modern women with discerning tastes and thirsty skin. Skin Food specializes in skincare products that include food that naturally nourishes the skin. Their Wildberry Milk Cleansing Cream smells like delicious mixed berries because it actually contains wildberry extract. It also contains milk protiens, which is awesome for your complexion. The product easily removes makeup and leaves skin soft and glowing. The packaging, reminiscent of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream (or is that just my PMS talking?) only adds to the all around yumminess of it.

I use this primarily at night. However, I’ve found that if you wash it off with warm water rather than wiping it off, it works just fine as a daytime cleanser. You won’t look the least bit shiny, and your skin will be soft all day.

The Wildberry Milk Cleansing Cream is available at Skin Food stores worldwide for around $10 USD. If there isn’t one around you, it’s generally easy to find online with a simple Google search.

Image from Skin Food