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I am a sucker for a cross body bag, not just for its simplicity of design, but also for its practicality. You can run four blocks with this purse, go to a fancy white wine party and then shady bounce yourself out of there, all the while NEVER ever being hindered by your choice of bag.

So it’s no surprise I fell in love with this compact, elegant little bag. I can’t wait to stuff it full of lip gloss and stray mints and make a quick get away from a cocktail hour wearing this beautiful, beautiful thing. I’m talking about the SUD de SUR Madera Mini in Grey, of course.

Oh, and it comes in three colors.

  • Lisa Stevens

    SO CUTE! <3

  • Megan Miolla

    Very stylish i am not one to carry around a purse at all but i would sooo rock this!

  • Lindsay Davis

    And Only $300 bucks! … *barf*

  • Em Bee

    Perfect inspiration piece!! I found a forest green cross body bag in a thrift store last year for a whopping $5. It’s been an extension of my body ever since. :)

  • Sandra Shanti Williams

    Sweet looking but most of us can’t or won’t spend $300 for a purse.

  • Christine Fuja

    Argh that’s so cute!

  • Heather Haag

    If someone buys me one I’ll owe you artwork for a lifetime! Pretty please!? <3 haha

  • Heather Haag

    …or baked goods like cupcakes and such….those are the only thinks I’m good at.

  • Wini Lo

    cute purse… too bad it’s leather.

  • Shandra Goldfinger

    It’s weird to see a former vegan promoting a leather purse. I can sympathize with finding it too hard to stick with a vegan diet (I’ve been tempted many times to say “screw it” and eat some pizza), but you’d think Zooey would care enough not to use animals for aesthetics.

  • Christine Jones Gallis

    Alas, I cannot afford a $323 TINY bag. Well I suppose I could afford it, but I simply do not want to pay that much for it. Although it is cute and I would most def use it, I can’t justify that price for a 5 x 4 x 1 sized purse. Le sigh…

  • Kelly McCue

    target has one that looks just like the brown one for $14 :) for those like me who can’t afford a $300 bag.. haha

  • Alyx Duarte

    I am a fan of cross body bags as well! So convenient–I just toss it over my shoulder, grab my macbook and Im off to lecture. The Grey is cute & I like it in the Cognac

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