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So, you might have heard that most girls like shoes. Quite a bit. I totally get it – at most, shoes can make or break an outfit and at the very least, they can add that fun pop of color or trendiness or weirdness that your outfit was craving. Plus, they always fit (unless you’re me and have giant embarrassing tall-person feet). Regardless, I am obsessed with this website, Milk and Honey, where you can create your own shoes. This is not your average, crappy, design-your-own-cheap-tee-shirt website – the shoes you design are gorgeous, luscious, high-quality shoes. And YOU get to pick the colors, heel height, textures, materials, everything. It is so unbelievably awesome and addictive. Purple glitter pumps with a snakeskin heel? Sure. Demure patent leather strappy sandals in a sultry shade of red? Go for it. The possibilities are endless… and they totally take returns.

Available at Milk & Honey.

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