Item of the Day

This is something I feel strongly about.

Travel Scrabble.

I know, I know, Rachel doesn’t think it’s a very good gift when Chandler gives it to her for her birthday and I would usually agree with anything Rachel Green says but in this case she is wrong.

Travel Scrabble is a great gift and here’s why:

1. It packs up pretty compactly.

2. You can take it with you to the beach.

And you can use it as a background to test out funny photo apps!

3. You can take it with you to the park.

4. You could play it on a boat or in a windy situation because the tiles snap into the board.

5. You can put the game down and pack up MID game (each player has a little close-able tile tray that you can pack away into the back of the board).

So fun! It’s everyone’s favorite word game but travel style!

You can buy it on for the weird price of $18.11 if you want.