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Like most girls, I love shoes.  I love shoes in all forms, but I love shoes even more if they are comfortable and customizable.

In terms of comfort, it is difficult to beat a sneaker.  Sure, flip flops and ballet flats are great, but I always am afraid that the lack of arch support is doing something irreversibly bad to my feet.  Then again, I have been wearing the same pair of Pumas since college, so it is possible that the arch support on those is not great either.  I have been in the market for new sneakers for about four years now, and most recently I’ve had my eye on these custom New Balance 574s.

I know what you’re thinking.  New Balance?  Really?  Are you my dad, Steve Jobs, or that weird old guy at work?  I am not and typically I would share those concerns.  But I promise you, these are not the old men’s shoes you wrinkle your nose at.  These come in pretty much any color you can imagine and are awesomely retro.  The only reason I haven’t actually bought a pair yet is that there are too many options.  Also, I don’t entirely trust myself to design something non-tacky.  You can start designing your own here!

  • Neil Pechart

    Info from a sneaker nut: The 574 is an actual old New Balance model from the 80’s, and is exactly the same as the original, except for the large color variety. It was their first big-deal, must-have shoe and they made it forever (see also, the Saucony Jazz). While I have long been a proponent of ugly kicks, these go far too far. One neon color is awesome, but all of them on one shoe… they will always be THAT shoe and if it’s your only pair of sneakers, you’ll always be THAT girl with THOSE shoes. The 574 is also not meant for actual athletic endeavors, despite what Nate (the character on Gossip Girl) does with his. They are a casual shoe. They were considered great in their day, but we now know that all running shoes from that period or earlier were horrible for your feet. See your local running store for excellent shoes that are far more comfortable than these. Experts work there and can help you find the right shoe for your foot, build and gait. The best stores will actually have a treadmill on site so they can see your mechanics in action. And don’t worry about arches. We were designed to walk and run around in bare feet and there is zero arch support in that. In fact, minimal running shoes that offer a barefoot (with protection) experience are all the rage right now and are manufactured by all the high-end running shoe companies that would never venture into destroying its customers’ feet. If you ever have questions about sneakers (technical or old-school), friend me. I’d love to share pics of all my kick-ass kicks with you.

  • Zelina Garza


  • Jessica Smith

    These are amazing! Heading over to design a pair now!

  • Caroline Jeffery

    omg don’t even tempt me

  • Brittany Woodell

    Yes! I love loud sneakers. I actually wore this one pair on my walk to work everyday for a while. I used to be on OKC, and someone messaged me and said “Do you walk to work and wear awesome neon sneakers?”.. which, admittedly was kinda creepy, but I was also like “hell yeah I wear awesome sneakers.”

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