Item Of The Day

Like most girls, I love shoes.  I love shoes in all forms, but I love shoes even more if they are comfortable and customizable.

In terms of comfort, it is difficult to beat a sneaker.  Sure, flip flops and ballet flats are great, but I always am afraid that the lack of arch support is doing something irreversibly bad to my feet.  Then again, I have been wearing the same pair of Pumas since college, so it is possible that the arch support on those is not great either.  I have been in the market for new sneakers for about four years now, and most recently I’ve had my eye on these custom New Balance 574s.

I know what you’re thinking.  New Balance?  Really?  Are you my dad, Steve Jobs, or that weird old guy at work?  I am not and typically I would share those concerns.  But I promise you, these are not the old men’s shoes you wrinkle your nose at.  These come in pretty much any color you can imagine and are awesomely retro.  The only reason I haven’t actually bought a pair yet is that there are too many options.  Also, I don’t entirely trust myself to design something non-tacky.  You can start designing your own here!

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