Item of the Day: So Delicious Ice Cream Sandwiches

I’ve been attempting this new thing called portion control. For those of you who are unfamiliar, portion control is when you eat measured amounts of things instead of shoving an entire sleeve of Oreos into your mouth in one sitting. These ice-cream sandwiches have been instrumental in that endeavor. They’re only 100 Calories and provide me with just enough sweet deliciousness to hold off my nightly cookie craving. Not to mention that they’re dairy free, soy free and naturally sweetened. Trust me when I tell you, the name doesn’t lie, these little ice-cream sandwiches are So Delicious. They taste like little frozen Almond Joys and I am completely obsessed.

I’ve been purchasing mine at Whole Foods, but according to their website’s store locator they can also be found at quite a few other grocery stores. If you’re not a fan of coconut, they also carry a few almond milk options as well as various other flavors.

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