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Ever since my cat set our bathroom ablaze with a candle and hand towel as a child, I’ve had a slight fear of fire. Thus, I was never a huge fan of candles. That was until I discovered these awesome remote controlled flameless candles!

They’re convenient if you don’t want the responsibility of an open flame and perfect for a hard to reach place you’d like to spruce up. I have mine on top of a tall bookshelf and they look great.

Added bonus, if you happen to own a Harry Potter wand (I do) it makes for a great party trick. Point your wand at the candle, yell “Lumos” and stealthily turn on the candle using the remote behind your back. Gets ’em every time.

The candles come in lots of fun colors and sizes. I got a 3-pack of ivory at Orchard Supply Hardware  for about $25, but you can also find them on Amazon or directly from the Flameless Candles website.

Image via Pearson & Company

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