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Sure, there are a ton of great perfumes out there and all, but sometimes you want something a little more unconventional. Enter Demeter, the Great Neck, New York-based company that can help you to smell like anything from maple syrup to pipe tobacco. While some scents are less wearable than others (dirt, tomatoes), the entire line provides an interesting olfactory experience that is pretty impressive, to say the least.

Among my favourites are Swimming Pool (pictured above), Grass and Holy Smoke.

Pick yours up at the Demeter website!

  • Tiffany Harris

    I’m with Megan- it’s definitely like Harry Potter jelly beans in perfume form.
    I’ve seen these fragrances in the hair salon I go to, but only the more conventional ones like Laundromat and Cherry Blossom. The Basil one smells amazing. Did you see that they have Play-Doh?? I mean, it does have a very distinct scent, but I wouldn’t want to smell like it. I wonder who that’s marketed to.
    I’ve never seen a fragrance ad for Demeter before. That’s one of my favorite parts of the indistry- the promotion! I read a book called “Orgasme… Made in France” by Robert Miller ( recently that got me interested in how scents are marketed. I really wonder who buys the scents like Turpentine!

  • Megan Younce

    it’s like harry potter jelly beans, but in perfume form!

  • Tiffany White

    This is the best thing I have ever seen. Firefly, thunderstorm, white russian, laundromat…i want them all.

  • Sarah Gollhofer

    bought the Chocolate Chip Cookies Atmosphere Spray and the Vanilla Cake Batter Perfume Splash. Can’t wait until they come in!

  • Beth Curry

    Oh wow, I want the waffles one.

  • Charlotte Amelia

    not sure being caught smelling like the ‘cannabis’ scent would be the best idea lol

  • Meredith Bagdazian

    Anthro used to sell these, I was wondering what happened to them! Laundromat is awesome.

  • Karen Belz

    I plan on buying “Lobster” and “Saw Dust”. I’ll wear them together, and attract all the boys!

  • Erin Bruner

    the cinnamon toast one is amazing. i gave a girlfriend the sex on the beach one while she was pregnant :)

  • Dani Schwam

    I’m seriously considering buying this….

  • Katelin Turner

    I dream of buying some of these one day. Does swimming pool really give off that warmish slightly chlorine scent? If it does I may have to buy some.

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