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I love perfume.  In an ideal world, my bathroom shelves would be covered with multicolored perfume bottles, but alas, I can’t really afford this.  Which is why when I find a perfume that smells great and is inexpensive, I’m a fan for life.

So Pink was the first perfume I ever bought myself, so when I wear it, it still smells like middle school.  It also smells citrusy and slightly floral, which I love and which makes it the perfect scent for spring!

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  • Megan Muehl

    gap dream is my back in the day scent that i still love to this day oh how the gap filled my junior high life with so much joy

  • Samantha Wardle

    My first as well!!! Smells like my grade 7 family vacay and I STILL wear it occasionally…sooo fresh;)

  • Bre Short

    This is the same perfume that I wore in middle school and it was my first perfume! It’s so nostalgic for me. That’s funny. Delish!

  • Shandra Goldfinger

    I have a perfume “thing” as well. Being broke, I fulfill it by getting everything I need from Sephora online and picking perfumes as my three free samples every time. It’s allowed me to have a large perfume collection for free. Also, if you go to Sephora and are considering a few different perfumes they will usually put some squirts in one of those little sample bottles to take home. I wish there were more vegan, natural perfumes out there. Any suggestions from the other perfume lovers out there? I really want to try basically every perfume from Lush.

  • Angelique Sapone

    I, too, have a perfume “thing”. Let’s be classy and not call it addiction…anyway…
    I’m suspicious of GAP perfumes (1990’s…mowed grass scent…uhhhh) but I’m looking at your picture and I see that your hairstyle is that of a woman I can trust…so having said that, I’ll go spray myself down with it in the store while the college girl clerk frowns heavily in my direction. I LOVE SPRINGY CITRUSY FLORALS.

    Right now, I have a thing ( A-word’s here) for Le Labo Iris #39. But for the tiniest bottle, its like 60 something dollars. Le Sigh, Le Labo, Le Sigh….

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