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Ever since I got my iPad, I’ve been in search of a case that’s cute but not too expensive.  I am so close to succeeding, but the one I want is sold out (curses! foiled again!).  I will not rest until it can be mine.

I can only assume this iPad case by Baggu is sold out because it’s awesome.  I am a huge fan of other Baggu products. Their reusable grocery bags are environmentally friendly and they come in literally all the colors.  They also work as lunch bags if you are a big eater, as I am.  Check them out (and let me know if the iPad cases are back in stock!).

Image via Baggu


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  1. Andrea, Baggu is the best! Cute, reliable, purse-friendly. You can’t beat them.

  2. After way too much research and trying out various cases, I settled on Portenzo’s moleskine-style case for my iPad. I’ve had it for just a bit less than a year now and it’s absolutely phenomenal. I highly recommend you give them a look. I blogged about it a while back too, if you want more actual-user-info: