Item of the Day: Astronaut Ice Cream

I believe my first experience with Astronaut Ice Cream was during an elementary school field trip. The concept seemed so intriguing at the time, back when “Astronaut” seemed like a completely achievable occupation for the non-science-minded individual. Ice Cream in space? That doesn’t require a freezer? That’s deliciously crazy!

Oddly enough, that same childhood feeling of wonder came back when I spotted Astronaut Ice Cream for sale at Old Navy a few months ago. It was definitely a weird place to buy it, but I couldn’t resist buying two of them alongside a Clearance maxi skirt (for two dollars! Approximately 100% less than the ice cream! Sorry – I’m still a bit proud of that find.) I told myself I’d save them for a special occasion – one being that night (I did just buy that skirt, after all) and one right now, as I’m writing this. The special occasion tonight? I found that second Astronaut Ice Cream in the drawer, after buying them a few months ago.

Here’s the basis behind these rare gems: Being completely freeze-dried, your mouth rehydrates the ice cream, which restores it to its intended state. If they’re properly stored, they can last for years. And obviously, they won’t give you an ice cream headache.

I’m betting Old Navy still carries them in stores (I found mine right by the checkout), but they’re also available on and – as expected – You can expect to pay about 4 bucks per package. It seems a bit expensive, but the nostalgia you’ll feel/knowing you’re (kind of) supporting the brave men and women in NASA? Totally worth it.

Image Credit: ThinkGeek

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