Item of the Day

I think everyone I know owns at least two Moleskines at any given time. There’s something nice about writing in them, they have pockets at the back, my favorite one has graph paper inside and they’re pretty easy to tote around with you at all times.

But did you know they also have Star Wars Moleskines? Amazing.

Here's my Moleskine hanging out with his buddies the Death Star and Vader & Stormtrooper mugs.

I have a Rebel Alliance one I got for my birthday and was pleasantly surprised to discover a POSTER inside it. Yes, a Star Wars poster. Once you take one of my favorite things and add Star Wars to it, I am hooked.

Ta-da! Poster!

They also have a version with Vader on it for The Empire so you can choose sides or get both!

Available here for $14.95:

Rebel Alliance

The Empire

May the force be with you!

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