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Today’s item is for all you dogs out there! Woof woof! LOL! Girl, you cray.

My chihuahua Wagandstuff is obsessed with his Kong. It’s basically just a rubber cone-ish ball with room for you to squeeze a little lamb or peanut butter flavored paste in. Blaire once gave me the hot tip that if you put the paste in and then freeze the Kong, that’s a whole other kind of awesome party.

It’s never not in his mouth. He knows it by name. It’s really bouncy so he kind of throws it at the wall with his mouth and plays fetch with himself like an Amish only child. He probably loves it more than he loves me and I get it and I’m okay with it.

  • Angela Romee

    Lol an Amish only child!

  • Alle Connell

    My dog has one of these and he basically ignores it. Now, those stuffingless skinny toys with the squeakers in each end…those are another story.

  • Jill Lazzaro Gueller

    My dog swallowed his Kong, whole, when he was 4 months old. We couldn’t find it shortly after he;d been playing with it, so we took him to the vet. It was taking up over 90% of his stomach and we had to decide thisfast whether to put him down or to pay the $1,000+ for surgery (obs picked surgery). I talked to a rep from Kong, who said that instead of following the usage guidelines for matching a Kong with a dog on their website, you should always choose a Kong that’s bigger than the dog’s palette, FYI.

  • Jane Provinsal

    The first Kong we got for Molly Weasley was for puppies. She chewed that to bits. Then we got one for big dogs, which was supposed to be unchewable. It lasted a long time but she chewed it to bits. :) We keep meaning to buy another because they really are awesome! Do you know the trick to make it last longer? Put the cookies & peanut butter in & then stick it in the freezer for a bit. The frozen PB makes it more work.

  • Maggie Voorhees

    I grew up in Amish land Pennyslvania and can say that they do in fact, play by themselves. And my puppy, Rose looooves her Kong. We fill it with peanut butter and treats. She spends hours licking it and making disgusting noises. Its awesome.

  • Gemma Gant

    I work for a pet shop and we got in touch with Kong to help supply us with some toys for a Greyhound walk that was taking place, they sent us a huge box for free with some amazing toys in! *sigh* i wish i was a dog….

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