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I am a huge fan of nut butters. I adore peanut, almond, all of it. But when I was introduced to this seed butter my mind was blown. This Pepita Sun Seed butter, made by Naturally Nutty, consists of pumpkin, flax, hemp and sunflower seeds. And it has just enough vanilla powder and cinnamon to make me think I’m eating oatmeal cookie dough. I kid you not.

The company was started by a vegan mom in Michigan, who wanted to make pure, natural nut butters for her children. And I am certainly glad she did. All of their products are organic and made in small batches. This particular butter is extremely low in sugar (just a bit in the vanilla powder.) It also happens to be soy, gluten and nut free! And it’s thankfully available online. Did I mention that it’s also delicious?

  • Lizzie Slaughter

    coming from a girl whose boyfriend presented her with a bouquet of almond butters for valentine’s day, this looks HEAVENLY.

  • Anastasia Weddell

    woah! that looks great! my aunt’s been looking for a peanut-butter alternative for a diet– however, i’m not sure as to whether she’s looking for a lower calorie one, or just a gluten-free one! i have no idea as to the calorie count of this, but this looks DELICIOUS! c:

  • Anonymous

    I remember going trhough my teenage rebellion phase and HATING it because I thought I was too cool for it then I became a poor college student and then a vegetarian and then a entry level worker and now a clean eater. Thus, Job Lot became my heaven. They just re-opened near me and the store is massive, wallet sucking, and amazing!

  • Anonymous

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