Shay Aaron's Dessert Plate!

Tiny food!  It’s not edible but it’s super cute, intricate and whimsical.  Makes me want to play with my dollhouse again and pretend I’m Arrietty Clock from the fantastic children’s book The Borrowers.  Israeli artist Shay Aaron has adapted his miniature masterpieces made of glass, ceramic, siliconnand acrylic into Apple and Cheese cuff links, Spoonful of Cornflakes necklaces, Cupcake and Pancake bobby pins, and Tea and Cake earrings, which you can find on his Etsy page.  My personal favorite is his Girl Scout Cookie Necklace, pictured below.  It comes with matching earrings, which is perfect for any Girl Scout or Girl Scout supporter!  The only problem with Shay Aaron’s creations are that they look so real you get hungry looking at them and then you want to bake and cook and be merry…which is really not a problem whatsoever, in my book.  Check out more of Shay Aaron’s fantastic creations on his Flickr or Etsy page and follow him on Twitter for mini-meal updates!

Girl Scout Cookie Necklace and Earrings by Shay Aaron (Images from

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