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You know, I really wanted to be classy and to sing the praises of some beautiful product that would make everyone think I am some glamorous and mature creature worthy of all the forks rich people eat their dinners with. Well that is just not the way it is going to be. Why? Because I like donuts. And I choose donuts. And I love donuts. And I would eat a donut every day for the rest of my life if it was possible (and it usually is).

So donuts it is! And not just any donut: a Tim Hortons’ donut, which, true, is not the GREATEST according to Krispy Kreme aficionados, but it is better than a kick in the pants, and it is also a donut, and why are you complaining? (Donuts are love, obviously.)

As some of you may or may not know, Tim Hortons is a Canadian staple, and if you haven’t gorged yourselves on Boston Cremes or Sour Cream Glazed or Chocolate Glazed or Maple Dip or whatever their promo donut seems to be from this beloved chain, you haven’t LIVED.

I grew up on these bad-boys, eating Timbits for snacks, graduating to the real deal, and 26 years later I still treat myself to a donut-for-breakfast more often than I would care to admit. (Read: I am going to admit right now that I do this at least three times a week.) (Read again: And I am also going to admit that by “donut-for-breakfast” I mean “two-donuts-for-breakfast-that-I-dunk-in-my-coffee-because-that’s-the-way-my-Dad-showed-me.” Just so we’re clear.)

So donuts! From Tim Hortons! Which is where I’m going to go right now. In fact, here is a photo from my last visit. I think I look really great:

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