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I care for my phone the way Gollum cares for the ring in Lord Of The Rings. If anything happened to it, I’d be a mess and start yelling for “my precious”… I’d probably start to physically resemble Gollum too.

I currently do not have a case on my iPhone. I know I should get a one but I can never decide which one I like best. But I think I finally found a case through The Curious Case, a shop on Etsy.

There are so many adorable cases to choose from and you can check them out here!


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  1. damn i wanted to see her cases too! i know what you mean though about not being able to pick ONE case..i made a list of the top cases i like & i swear once i decide on one i find a new that i equally love & then am stuck on a decision again..check em out >

  2. aw, she’s on vacation. i’ll have to check back. that case is too cute! i want to see what else she has :)