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While it’s incredibly fun to pile bangles and bracelets up my arm before I leave the house every morning, I also like having one or two bracelets that I never take off, regardless of whether I’m showering, sleeping or dressing up. These pretty Wish Bracelets are perfect – you tie one on, make a wish and when the bracelet falls off, your wish comes true. The wish aspect makes it a lot less sad when the bracelet does, inevitably, fall off. My BFF/co-worker Lesley gave me one with a pearl on it, and I gave her one with a heart. There are so many other charms to choose from that you’ll be making wishes all over the place.

Available here.


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  1. I guess this makes me extremely cheap but I can’t get behind buying a charm on a string that costs $30, never mind that it is supposed to break, fall off and never be seen again? I was thinking these would super cute to give to my bridesmaids but they are essentially disposable (unless I am wrong, which happens allllll the time). They are super cute though!