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Call me mean and judgy, but I hate those stick-figure stickers that people put on their minivans showing how many kids they have in their family. First of all, it’s cheesy. Second of all, doesn’t it make your kids’ friends, who, say, don’t have a dad feel kind of bad? And third of all, in my very un-scientific research, I’ve determined that the people who have those stickers on their cars are much worse drivers than people who don’t. So, despite everything, and all ranting aside, I’m kind of weirdly into this zombie version. I think I’d actually actively respect someone who had these on their car. I might even want to be friends with them – and they’re probably awesome drivers!

Available here.

  • Tonya Gaddis Johnson

    I agree completely.

  • Kelli Driscoll

    Yes! I also think it’s a ad to people who might be interested in breaking in to a car. They say, “yeah, I’ve got kids and I’ve probably got some of their expensive things in here, too!”

  • Iris Casarez

    I actually want one of these son n I n I luv zombies!! I do wen ppl put there pets though like dats too much or if u have like 20kids n ur whole back windows covered n they have the names underneath for each child….

  • Krisia Velez Rivera
  • Kalli Streator

    Where on Earth do people buy those things?? That question crosses my mind every time I see a van with these dumb stickers, but I have yet to EVER see them actually for sale in a store. At least they’re better than the old-school “baby on board” signs… which, are what, supposed to make you less likely to crash your car into that car because it may contain a baby? As if those signs are the deciding factor for why I would choose to drive safely.

  • Erin Miuccio

    I can’t stand the borring normal ones, but the zombie ones are awesome! My boyfriend and I want to get two for us and two for our dogs. LOL

  • Amanda Louise Renteria

    My brother pointed out to me these make it easy for someone to take your kids, all they have to say is “Your mom sent me, she has a white van and you have two sisters a brother and a dog” and having their names just makes it easier!

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