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Attention, moms! The Good Night Sleep Trainer claims that it can help you restore some semblance of your sanity by getting your baby into a regular sleep pattern in only 2 weeks! The system’s secret to success apparently lies in its method of “maintaining a balance between letting a baby cry and self-soothe back to sleep and you coming in to provide the baby comfort”. It allows you to track bed/nap times, crying spells and wake-ups in order to re-program (so to speak) your baby into shutting up. Er, I mean into sleeping like a little angel so that you can follow suit!

Grab your Good Night Sleep Trainer – now on sale! – at ThinkGeek!

  • Frollein Schultheis

    “letting a baby cry” is never an option!

    • Molly McAleer

      Isn’t that called the Ferber Method and don’t many moms use it?

    • Candice Schuyler Kush

      sometimes babies just need to cry. They need to learn to self-soothe. And sometimes a mom just needs to walk away.

    • Ashley Entrikin

      What an inane statement. Stop coddling your child, let them grow up to be strong and independent. If they’re diaper is dry, they’re warm, fed, and otherwise perfectly fine, sometimes they just wanna gripe.

    • Allyson Sharif

      This is true. And P.S. Dr. Ferber wrote of regret for fostering neglect with his method of “sleep training”.

  • Hannah Johnson

    Maybe the office should be getting this for our colleague who goes on paternity leave at the end of July.

    • Ashley Entrikin

      How does one go on “paternity” leave?

  • Caitlin McCarthy

    Is that a NanoBaby?

  • Ali Berry

    I could use one of these for my cats.

  • Amanda Walton-Jimenez

    i think it’s a NanoBaby on steroids.

  • Ashley Entrikin

    How do you think women survived for thousands of years without a fancy, and probably expensive, gadget like that? Let the bloody child cry, they’re not going to die. There’s a difference between a child in genuine pain, and a child that’s sad because they don’t want to go to sleep (and in turn, sometimes don’t want to wake back up). If they don’t learn to self-soothe, or learn to sleep in detrimental conditions (lights on, TV on, music on, in Mom’s arms, in parents’ bed), they will ALWAYS want/need to sleep that way! What happens when they can’t? Say they go to spend the night at someone else’s house, and those conditions aren’t met? Your job is to prepare them for the world. The world is a harsh mama, and won’t coddle your child.

  • Allyson Sharif

    Whoa. I’m pretty sure anyone who is up-to-date aka this century knows letting a child “cry it out” is harmful. The first year of a child’s life he/she faces the developmental stage of trust vs. mistrust. IGNORING your child’s needs (being held is a genuine need) just trains a child that mom/dad will not be there. Do you think primal men and women just ignored their children’s cries?! That doesn’t fit into survival protocol. Please do maybe a TEENSY bit of research before enabling neglect. I love, love, love this site but this is sick.

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